Minesweeper A Demining Puzzle / A Demining Adventure.      

A Demining Adventure is changing its name to Minesweeper A Demining Puzzle.  This is my newest award winning FREE puzzle game inspired by minesweeper and picross. With this game I tried to create a puzzle game with lots of solutions to encourage the player to develop their own strategies to solve the puzzles.  The game is very easy to pick up and by the end will hopefully improve the player’s logic skills to a genius level.

Available on iPhone, iPad, Android and Amazon Here!


Monster Balls Smash

This is my first game. It also FREE and was inspired by angry birds and my love of cartoons and monster films. I altered the catapult element and tried to give the game a greater puzzle feel by using a ramp and setting launch speed.

Available on iPhone and iPad Here!

Fishy Pub Quiz

Fishy Pub Quiz is a FREE quiz game that is inspired by pub style touch screen trivia games (SWP).

Available here on iPhone and iPad here

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